About Us | An automotive/industrial tool and equipment buying group for warehouse distributors

The Association of North American Tool Suppliers, ("NATS") was formed in January 2010. The NATS group is an organization whose main goal is to leverage the purchasing power of a group of businesses. We strive to obtain discounts and rebates from vendors based on the collective buying power of the NATS members. NATS provides efficiencies of scale in increased profitability with the use of buying programs, competitive pricing and terms, along with volume and individual rebates. NATS provides quarterly flyers, as well as other value added programs from approved vendors.

NATS is more than a discount purchasing group sharing buying power...
  • We are a network of independent automotive/industrial tool and equipment warehouse distributors. Our goals are to share marketing strategies, information on new products and technology. The group philosophy is to partner with select manufacturers.
  • NATS provides a forum for its members to exchange resources in a cooperative and proactive manner.
  • We are a corporation working closely with the leading manufacturers in the automotive/industrial sectors to improve the environmental impact of the tools and equipment that we sell.